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Error upgrading database with Alembic

12 November 2016

On my last project I started using Alembic as a migration tool for the database, which is a new thing for me.
Before that I used to simply keep a file with the modifications applied to the developement database between each release version and patch the test and production datbase …

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Using ImageMagick from a NodeJs application

30 October 2016

Lately when I needed to convert files from PDF to an image file format I was not surprised to find ImageMagick the best option for the job. I had used it before from the command line and knew to be a great piece of software.

And naturally, when wanting to …

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Managing locale with Linux and Python

20 September 2016

As far as I can remember I have always installed my operating systems to use the english language, maybe because I did not have the luxury of the choice before and it kind of feels more natural now.

Lately I have had to print names (month, days) of the calendar …

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