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Error upgrading database with Alembic

12 November 2016

On my last project I started using Alembic as a migration tool for the database, which is a new thing for me.
Before that I used to simply keep a file with the modifications applied to the developement database between each release version and patch the test and production datbase …

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Using ImageMagick from a NodeJs application

30 October 2016

Lately when I needed to convert files from PDF to an image file format I was not surprised to find ImageMagick the best option for the job. I had used it before from the command line and knew to be a great piece of software.

And naturally, when wanting to …

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Managing locale with Linux and Python

20 September 2016

As far as I can remember I have always installed my operating systems to use the english language, maybe because I did not have the luxury of the choice before and it kind of feels more natural now.

Lately I have had to print names (month, days) of the calendar …

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Ajax request and blob content

06 September 2016

The web app I am building as a separate nodejs service than run for the sole purpose of generating pdf files for various content. That service does not have access to the database content but receive on each request the data that needs to be printed. And send back the …

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